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Online Standardized Patient Experience

As part of "Telehealth Certification for Providers and Educators," please proceed to schedule an appointment with one of the Patient Scenarios below. You will conduct a telehealth visit and receive immediate feedback from the Standardized Patient, as well as a follow-up scorecard with a link to your recorded session.

Please set aside 30 min for the session, which will consist of a 15 min simulation followed by Standardized Patient feedback. You must complete the session between October 26 - 30.

Primary Care Learners: Please select "Alex Febbins"

Mental Health NP: Please select "Avery Mark"

Please schedule your session at your earliest convenience in order to secure your desired time slot.

Featured Scenarios

Alex Febbins

Alex Febbins

A 20 year old concerned about worsening abdominal pain

The patient is a 20-year-old concerned about worsening abdominal pain over the past 6 months. This is an ongoing relationship, but you have not seen this patient regularly. This is the first telehealth visit for this patient.
Avery Mark

Avery Mark

Behavioral Health Visit - Anxiety R/O Suicidal Ideation

The patient is a college student who initiated this virtual encounter due to increasing anxiety and depression. In the past, they have had counseling services by the group that this provider practices. The patient is very comfortable with telehealth and has had multiple visits virtually over the last several years.